The brewery tour - a special experience

Brewery Tours for individuals and groups:

Castle tours can take place by agreement, mostly Wednesdays afternoons and Saturdays mornings. Are you interested? For further information about our brewery tours, please email us to or call us: +49721-61 83 -0.

The meeting point for the participants of the tour is in front of the brewhouse. From there you will walk about an hour in the footsteps of the master brewers. During the tour you will hear a lot of interesting information and stories about the brewing process of our award-winning beers.

The brewery tour is about to be extended, it will be even more interesting for you. You will soon find more information about the renewed event. For questions please contact

The walk through the brewery takes you through rooms that are relatively warm (up to 40 degrees), but also very cold (down to 0 degrees) due to the production process. So we advise you to bring a jacket or a sweater with you. We recommend good shoes as the stairs are sometimes a bit wet and slippery.

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